Bride vs. Groom: Who Pays For What?

Bride vs. Groom: Who Pays For What?

Between the moments of “We’re engaged!” and “Tomorrow is our wedding day!” a lot of budgeting will take place amongst the wedding planning.

The very word “budgeting” can put a damper one’s spirits. What couple wants to sacrifice even a moment of their joy? Unless you are among those couples for whom there are few (if any) financial constraints, one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding will be setting a budget.

Victoria can be an expensive place especially in planning a wedding, with so many businesses competing to provide the best wedding services. The saying that Victoria is for “newlyweds and nearly deads” holds true–with so many young people moving here for university, work opportunities, and to live the relaxed West Coast lifestyle, the market for weddings is dense. This makes costs rise, so to prepare, set your budget as soon as possible.

Who’s Paying? A Guide to Your Wedding Budget

Let’s first take a look at this all-important question: will you have financial support for your big day?

You may be bound by family tradition or cultural customs as to who pays for what. Or maybe you are planning your wedding DIY style and taking responsibility for all aspects of it, including the budget. There are several ways to approach the financial aspects of the wedding. Some of you may be bound by family tradition or cultural customs as to who pays for what. Or perhaps you’re taking financial responsibility for your wedding and hoping to save by searching Pinterest for creative wedding ideas. These (generally) are the traditional who-pays-for-what basics:

Who Pays for What


Our expert tip is to plan, plan, and plan! For an introduction to budgeting for your wedding click here.


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