The 4 Most Common Wedding Ceremonies

The 4 Most Common Wedding Ceremonies

The twenty-first century led to a variety of new beginnings, like race equality, and even same-sex marriage acceptance. Many would agree that the 2000’s developed a new and improved outlook for people, with acceptance at the forefront. Along with society’s ideology improvements, wedding norms have been updated, reculturalized, and cultivated.

Wedding ceremonies often reflect the bride and groom’s unionized beliefs, whether that includes religious value or not. With a vast array of possibilities, ceremonies can be tailored to include portions of the couple’s personality, family tradition, and religious views. Of course, the ‘standard’ wedding ceremony styles – which often include religious vows and church ceremonies – will remain as the backbone of marriage, but newlyweds are choosing from a variety of different ceremonies nowadays. These traditional weddings will always remain a favourite among all, with the centrepiece being the bride’s and groom’s born faith.

As well, interfaith weddings are growing in popularity, with the bonding of two people and their individual faiths. With the combined views of their future, symbolism of the bride and groom is especially important with regards to their religious readings and rituals.

Contrarily, non-denominational weddings – which refer to God but don’t follow a religion – are great alternatives to the spiritual couple. Providing a sense of faith and unity, non-denominational ceremonies are not restrictive and are open to intimation and romance. Likewise, non-religious weddings, also known as civil ceremonies, do not refer to God at all, but include personalized vows and touches of the couple.

It is ultimately important to ensure your wedding ceremony is personally created for you and your partner. If tradition is a stronger ideology than personalization, then perhaps a traditional wedding would be choice. Though, despite personal beliefs, there are ceremonies for every couple – the possibilities are endless. If you are struggling, Bridal Guide is a great source of ideas, and we are here to cater to your needs and desires on your special day, too.

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