Top 6 Jaw Dropping Wedding Performances

Top 6 Jaw Dropping Wedding Performances

We’ve rounded up some of the best wedding performances out there. Enjoy a few laughs or consider this a little inspiration…


6. A Maid of Honour Rap

Singing is not for everyone, and as this Mais of Honour puts it: “I can’t sing, but I can wrap.” Watch her take the stage as she surprises the entire crowd and especially the Bride:


5. The Best Father Daughter Dance Mix, Ever

A traditional moment – the father-daughter dance – gets a remix. Starting out with a traditional Father-Daughter song similar to the ones we rounded up, the crowd was not expecting this:


4. A Mother-Son Dance Mix

Starting out as a sweet Mother-Son song and dance, this performance gets a well-deserved remix:


3. A Flash Mob

No one was expecting this when the Bridesmaid said: “Grandma, I think I might need you to hold my microphone really quick.”


2. Surprise, (another) Flash Mob!

“DJ, whenever you are ready.” Queue Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” (feat. a Bride who freaks out):


1. A Wedding Performance for Her Husband, by Melissa Molinaro

If you only were to watch one wedding performance to not get stuck in the wedding-performance-YouTube-vortex, this is the one for you:

Did you notice the one thing that these six jaw-dropping wedding performances have in common? Music of course! The DJ was able to unite guests, and well, create an extra magical moment for everyone.

Have you considered adding a surprise musical performance or dance into your wedding? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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