Diner en Blanc Victoria 2014

Diner en Blanc Victoria 2014

Imagine over 1200 well-dressed locals travelling by foot, bus, and car, to a unique and secret location only revealed to guests upon arrival. As guests stream in, they unpack tables, chairs, and linens. Once all 1200 guests have arrive, they take out dinners and wine to enjoy while traditional Parisian music is played live.

What could make this experience even more magical? If all attendees were dressed in all white.

This event, started in Paris, has been recreated in every large city and in Victoria for the first time last year by Event Designers Brink Events and the Social Concierge. In it’s second year, the Victoria Diner en Blanc has doubled in size and has a waitlist of over 1000.

I hope you are going next year! We are. 🙂

Want to witness the magical experience? Click here for the captivating video.

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