Father-Daughter and Father-Son Wedding Songs

Father-Daughter and Father-Son Wedding Songs

Choose a sentimental song to thank Dad, or that special father-figure. Similar to traditional Mother-Son and Mother-Daughter dances, we’ve gathered songs to impress the Father of the Bride and the Father of the Groom. Go beyond the traditional Father-Daughter dance by incorporating a Father-Son dance,with the Groom, as well! 

Father-Daughter Songs

It’s a good idea and can be an easier choice to choose a song that is indicative of the relationship you have with your Father or Father-figure. To act as a starting point, we’ve gathered our Top 25 Father-Daughter Songs that are equally heart-warming and appropriate for a dance with Dad:

Father-Son Songs

Often not thought to be the first parent and Bride-or-Groom pairing, a Father-Son dance or song selection will easily create a special moment in the evening. The Father and Son do not have to dance together but can merely listen to the song, but hey–there’s no reason why the Groom cannot dance with the Man who raised him! Here are our Top 25 Father-Son Songs:


What song will you choose for a dance with your Dad? We’d love to hear!

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