10 Creative and Funny Wedding Invitations

Your wedding should be a celebration! Why not set the tone with a clever invitation? No only will you get people excited, but you can prepare them for what to expect and have some fun in the process. We put together 10 of the best ones we could find. Enjoy!

1. The Complete Survey

Source: Imgur

2. The Simple Response


Source: Imgur

3. The Literal Opening

Source: Bespoke Bride

4. Go on a “Cruise” With Me


Source: Barnorama

5. Bells Deep



Source: Zazzle

6. The Hidden Talent

The hidden velociraptor invitation.

Source: Buzzfeed

7. The “Convict”ion

Source: Bespoke Bride

8. The Direct Response

Source: Imgur

9. Subtle Sales Pitch


Source: Dailynewsdig

10. To the Point


Source: Dailynewsdig

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