Localizing Trends in the Wedding Industry

Localizing Trends in the Wedding Industry

Trends, fads, and crazes are essential to short-come success, but help to create long-term memories among individuals. Characterization is key to self-confidence, and building an environment or ‘aura’ that is truly unique.

Media, movies, and television bring back old styles, creating nostalgia among viewers. As popular shows air on television, like Downton Abbey (set in the 1920’s), or the movie The Great Gatsby, certain styles have been brought back throughout the years. For instance, class has been prevailing in the wedding dress industry since Downton Abbey’s airing, with lace gowns and elegant headwear. Contrarily, ‘mom’ jeans’ (1970’s) has been rising since music festivals such as Coachella and Squamish gained popularity. Nowadays, when paired with a simple top and cute pair of pumps,they are deemed enviably chic.

Class, simplicity, chic – all which can be entered as keywords on Pinterest.

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With today’s technology, different forms of social media – like Pinterest – can help people seek trends and localize inspiration, such as clothing, home décor, and events. The ability to locate trends online significantly helps with executing and planning out ideas. Visual cues like photos are especially helpful to individuals – like brides and wedding planners – to create the dream wedding every bride imagines. Blogs, like Tumblr, are also great resources to spot creative ideas, as well as wedding photographer websites (which also narrow down preferred photography styles). Likewise, most bridal magazines are now available online, providing guides, plans, and ideas for that special day.

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Despite if your dream’s an extravagant wedding in a dew-soaked courtyard of an England castle, an intimate destination wedding on suntanned beach in Bali, or a toned-down barbeque ceremony in your own backyard, the possibilities are limitless.


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