Mother-Son and Mother-Daughter Wedding Songs

Mother-Son and Mother-Daughter Wedding Songs

Whether you are the Bride or the Groom, choose a sentimental song to thank Mom or your Mother-figure. Go beyond the traditional Mother-Son or Father-Daughter dance by incorporating a Mother-Daughter dance into your reception as well! After all, Fathers get to walk their daughters down the aisle, give toasts and a special dedicated dance, so here’s to Mom…

Mother-Son Songs

Alike to a Father-Daughter dance song, the Mother-Son song should be filled with love and joy. This is a moment, especially for a Mother, to celebrate that their Son now has another woman at his side. Here are our Top 25 Song picks for a Mother-Son Dance:


Mother-Daughter Songs

As a Bride, what a better way to celebrate your Mother than with a Mother-Daughter Dance? We’ve selected the sweetest songs to celebrate the special bonds between Mothers and Daughters. Here are our Top 25 Song choices for a Mother-Daughter Dance:


There you have it, a special ‘thank you’ for Mom!

Are you planning to incorporate both a Mother-Son dance and a Mother-Daughter dance at your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.


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