Top 10 Crazy Wedding Moments You Want to Avoid

Top 10 Crazy Wedding Moments You Want to Avoid

America’s Funniest Videos have been on the air for 25 years by following a pretty simple formula:

  • Nut shots
  • Babies
  • Animals
  • Wedding Bloopers

Why ruin a good thing? We all like watching people do stupid things at weddings, but if you’re in the middle of planning your own, we put together some areas you may want to double check. We suggest taking a look at your venue, your guest list, and the activities and see if you can spot any potential video-worthy moments.

We went through a number of videos and tapped into our vast knowledge of the craziest wedding moments to give you our top 10.

1) Decorations that You Couldn’t Take on a Plane

This is a great rule of thumb. Don’t have fireworks, knives of any sort, or excess liquids as part of your theme. You are only asking for trouble. Nothing will get the camera phones out faster than a brides dress catching on fire.

2) Tripping Hazards

Take a look at the way people will move around the venue. Now imagine how a wedding dress would flow through the space. Take a deeper look and think about how certain people would navigate the obstacle course after a few beverages. You may want to keep some lanes open for traffic. Also, be careful around swimming pools or water. For every wedding that is at the edge of water you can be sure there are many people with their phones out just hoping (shame on them) that people trip and fall in.

3) Shots at the Open Bar

This is your call, but perhaps keep an eye on just how fast the Jaeger shots are leaving the bar. This is typically fuel for many of the other items on this list.

4) Aggressive Dance Routines

We all love a good Sir-Mix-a-Lot dance off, but that may just be the next video on Youtube where you actually can’t lie about how much you like big butts. Especially as someone ends up sprawled out after a missed spin or flip. Your wedding! Jump on it. Jump on it!

5) People Mounting Other People

As we poured over the videos, one thing was for certain. People like jumping on others at weddings. Perhaps it’s something about all the silky material feeling great when two bodies rub together, but there aren’t many “brides piggybacking grooms” scenarios that end well.

6) Anything Breakable near the Dance Floor

Of course you want everything to look just right, but double check that when the music starts playing, your cake, flowers, or ice sculpture are kept a safe distance from the flailing. No matter how great these warnings are, someone always thinks they’re Patrick Swayze. Perhaps Baby should stay in the corner.

7) Trusting that Mother Nature Won’t Mess with You

Waves. Birds. Rain. Need we say more?

8) People Who Think They Can Do Stunts

We all have that friend who likes to jump and flip. Perhaps they are into gymnastics, MMA, or soccer. Well, please let them know ahead of time that your wedding is not the best time to test that new parkour move. Especially not in dress shoes with glitter on the dance floor. Seriously.

9) Allowing VERY Competitive People to Play Games

Similar to number 8, you know who these people are. Close your eyes. Picture this in slow motion. The bride is about to throw the bouquet to see who is next to be married. A young 12 year old niece all dressed up in her prettiest gown is at the front of the group of waiting ladies. As the bouquet approaches her cute little hands, she is smiling and excited. Just then a black and white streak flies across the room, knocking her down. It is one of the groomsmen who has just sprinted from doing jaeger shots, attempting a backflip to catch the bouquet. Maybe we should have talked with him beforehand.

10) Animals

We all love animals. But if you go back to the AFV formula from the beginning, you now have a 50% chance that something will be video worthy. They are as unpredictable as it gets, so maybe arrange a group daycare for them to not take chances.

But… the most important thing to remember is that anything can happen at a wedding, so make sure you have the video cameras at the ready. You could be the next winner of $10,000!

If you want some more examples of hilarious wedding bloopers, check out this video below:

And of course, let’s make your wedding an event to remember by getting us to DJ it for you! Find out how we can provide the ideal soundtrack to the waves crashing, dogs barking, groomsmen flipping.


  1. I never thought I d see a wedding that awkward as this in my entire life. Can you do this? Or let your bride do this? What essence does it entails to show the world your baby-filled stomach?

  2. As a matter of fact, weddings are one of the happiest moments in a woman s life. Many crazy, funny and overbearing things happens in this world, even on wedding days, and all what I can do is just sit down and laugh it off.


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