4 Elements to Determine Your Colour Theme

4 Elements to Determine Your Colour Theme

Are you a bride-to-be who has envisioned the perfect image of your wedding since you were ten years old and are just waiting to bring it to life (or to tell your groom)? Or, maybe, you’re the bride-to-be who has little-to-no clue about what your wedding will look like, starting with the colour theme.

It’s an overwhelming process and we’re here to help. Your big day is all about you, and this starts with the colours that will bring your wedding to life.

The Perfect Colour Theme: 4 Elements

Violet, peach and mint, or blush and navy blue? Decide on the following four elements to start developing your wedding’s colour theme…


Will your wedding be indoors or outdoors? Victoria is full of charm and romance, and whatever venue you choose will influence your colour choices in a certain way. Make sure to evaluate your venue’s colours before you lock down your colour theme, as you want to create a visual harmony and a complementary backdrop between the two.


What season will your wedding be lucky enough to accompany? Every season boasts a rich colour palette, from the delicate pastels of spring to the vibrant colours of summer and autumn, and the cool, silverness of winter. Consider all the fabrics, decorations, flowers, and accessories that will make up the theme of your wedding. That “Summer in December” theme may be challenging to pull off due to the limited availability or out-of-season merchandise. The Season of your wedding does not solidify your colours, but your colour theme should at least complement the season in Victoria.

Timeless Wedding Colour Theme

Time of Day

When will your ceremony take place? The time of day not only sets the mood of the overall ceremony, but it can also enhance or detract from the overall effect of your colour theme. Delicate pastels of late morning and early afternoon may appear too subtle for evening weddings that require a rich pop of colour.

Formality or Informality

Are you leaning towards creating an informal or formal atmosphere? It is certainly still traditional to create a formal black-and-white wedding – the epitome of class. You may, however, second-guess the “Sophisticated Gold-and-Silver” colour theme if your venue happens to be held in a rustic barn. The formality or informality of your wedding will be mirrored by your guests, so make sure it does reflect both your personality as well as your grooms.


What colour themes are you currently loving? Let us know in the comments below!

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