Wedding DJ Services

Being a DJ is more than music. If that’s all there was to it, we would be replaced by iPods. Just like a wedding is more than a party – it’s a celebration. It’s a collection of memories. And that is exactly why we DJ weddings and special events. You will have many guests; all with different needs, and tastes, and preferences. Music is what they will hear, but what they will remember is what matters. 20 years from now, you won’t remember all the songs that were played, but you will remember, with vivid clarity, how you felt.

White Lotus DJ & Events was founded on the belief that great events are born through passion and professionalism. It can be stressful not knowing what to expect from one of your vendors. In order to make all of our clients feel more at ease we encourage multiple face-to-face meetings where we can answer all questions and make sure your vision is executed exactly how YOU want it. We will work with you to create an atmosphere that your guests will never forget. Our team has hosted and been hired for over 50 events in Victoria, BC including dances, graduations, anniversaries, corporate receptions, and of course, weddings. We have worked with reputable companies and organizations such as: St. Margaret’s School, Brink Events, Western Forest Products, and Economical Insurance in providing audio and lighting solutions for their events.

We are passionate, professional, and enthusiastic!
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Our Promise to you

You are about to embark on a very special journey, and at White Lotus we believe your wedding should be just as magical as your future together.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, frustrating, and sometimes stressful. So, our mission is not only to provide you with tailored, professional DJ services, but we also guarantee to provide you with something priceless—peace of mind.

At White Lotus, we meet with our clients face-to-face. As a client, you will be able to meet with us in person, over-the-phone, via Skype, or through email as many times as you need or like.

Our priority = You

Our promise: To answer your questions, provide suggestions, and ensure that we make your vision a successful reality.

We work with you to customize your special day with any unique requests, personal touches, or unforgettable details.

Our goal = To make sure you and your guests feel special

To explore the possibility of making our professional service part of your special day, feel free to look around our website and contact us at your convenience.

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